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Milk That Dick

» Cuckold Confession

» Description: There is a story behind every cuckold porn scene featuring people that really dig the pleasures of one-sided infidelity. But there is one story that outshines them all. The story told by this site and its amazing XXX artworks. Let us tell it to you and we guarantee that you will never regret it. This story is probably the best cuckold porn piece you will ever run into, so… Just give in to it!



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User comments

2014-01-31: Update of the story

Will be there any update of this story?


2014-01-18: The Story IS incomplete and out of continuos order!

I told AE on 14-012014 by support-ticked the facts. They answered nicely and promptly that they will check and correct asap. On 18-01 nothing has happened. "Confused" has mentioned the fact on 27-12-2013. Nobody reacts on his statement. What is the operater awaiting for by selling a bad product?


2014-01-11: Story incomplete?

It seems that part 6/7 aren't there and a more "english" writing could be nice.
A failure by the programmer or a try to hook the customer? Anyway, it should be corrected by the owner as fast as possible- Please hurry up!



Bad Service, the Story should be grouped in order and matched to the Pictures, the Story itself is great



It seems the storyboards are way out of order and the story does not match up to the right pictures of the comic. I would love to see this organized like the Nicole Heat comic.


2013-12-08: AWESOME!

Love to see more like this....maybe explore some taboo to see her d..d


2013-11-14: info

Great story!!! And the art is awesome! Just wondering if there will be some new story about Emily in brothel, or with the contract story everything is already finished.



Great Great


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