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Milk That Dick

» Amanda'a Preferred Rest

» Description: It happens! Continuation of famous Amanda`s story, which people have been waiting for so long, is online at our site!



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User comments


hello , dear assholes off siteowner....i like to say that ur peace of junk.....makes me real pissed....ok ?

so get this? u not gettin any money off me....fuck ur self....i dont care


2009-01-31: Photography

Did these guys forget how to do CG? What gives here? Really lame!

©Me Three

2008-12-18: Amanda Preferred

The stories are good but where are the videos to see. Pictures are good but let's see some videos too.


2008-09-06: Members

How come I can print but not down load. Why do you only get a partial story then get asked to enter member area never to so are be able to get the rest of the story.. I do not mind paying but come on guys


2008-06-25: Comics

You're doing better lately, but get more & more comics., now defunct had a huge number & I hope you will to. Please get the full file of Eric Von Gotha.

©Doug Hardgrave

2008-04-22: graphics

sticking a 3D head on a live body is taking the piss. also why are some pictures censored for members only, membership is what I paid for and am not getting the benefit of. Pull your finger out AE and sort it.

©me too

2008-04-21: This site sucks

Adult empire delivers nothing it promises you. It's a complete waste of money!!!!!!

©pissed off

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