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» Giantess Femdom Facesitting Art

» Description: In my gallery, I have tried to show, the subject of "Big Women Domination" in the style of pin-up art. My tings were created under the influence of the art of the famous Japanese artist Hamio Harukawa who portrayed the facesitting domination of big women (not in the sense of - fat)) for the small (but not too small)) men.



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2015-12-18: Giantess Femdom Facesitting

I would like to see more updates of this site. Also pictures showing the slaves with whip marks and/or their hands /arms bound behind their backs more tightly i.e. from the elbows all the way down to their wrists and streched out into 'stress positions' for facesitting action and cunnilingus by their mistresses. Well done Nick for your brilliant work more please.



This is rubbish unless you like looking at pictures that you can't download they are in flash-no movies 1/10


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